Poppies Performance – Exmouth

Students from Teignmouth Community School and Dawlish Community College worked with Tony Lidington and Amber Carnell to create a tradition Pierrot show called The Poppies Concert Party to commemorate The First World War. They toured the show to Dawlish Teignmouth and Exmouth, Devon.

The Poppies Concert Party

A Pierrot troupe from the early 1900s

The Teignbridge project is involving young people from Dawlish and Teignmouth secondary schools who will be working alongside Tony Liddington to create a short performance piece inspired by the pierrot troupe entertainers of the First World War. Research into the music, dance and comedy of the day will happen before The Poppies Concert Party set about creating their show to tour to each of the schools and finally to the Exmouth Festival in May 2016. Working on Poppies will allow young people to gain a bronze Arts Award accreditation. This project is working partner schools Dawlish and Teignmouth.

We are delighted to have support for this project from local councilors Richard Younger-Ross and John Clatworthy and from the Helen Foundation.