Feedback from Jo Bushell’s Gallipoli Workshop

“I liked the shadow stuff, it would have been cool to do more of that. I also liked making the props,that was really fun. Being on the beach made everything more real and the things like the Gilly kettle and the sandbags just brought it to life.”



“I really, really enjoyed it! It was great fun. I especially enjoyed it on the beach filling the sandbags and feeling a bit like what it would have been like to have been at Gallipoli. It was really cool using the projector and learning about how to make backgrounds. I loved the way the wind blowing on the beach made the images really atmospheric. Jo was really friendly and kind. I also learnt to read slowly when I was asked to read my poems! And recording my voice was really exciting. I’d love to do something like this again!”

Grace Eveleigh


“We thoroughly enjoyed the project. Jo was enthusiastic and engaging and it was great to work with her. Working on the project really brought home the scale of the fighting in Gallipoli, and indeed the First World War as a whole. It’s brilliant to think our video in the museum might help people see the event as something that actually happened, not just text and pictures in a history book. We loved using the projector to create the silhouettes that were used in the final piece, and this would definitely be something we’d like to do again in the future. Thank you for your funding.”

Holly and Joel


Burrator’s War

‘Burrator’s War’ is a film about Burrator Reservoir in the final years of World War One, when plans were afoot by the Plymouth Corporation to enlarge the Reservoir and evict tenant farmers in the catchment. It was made by young people from the Dartmoor area, mentored by MED Theatre, with the support of South West Lakes Trust, and commissioned by Daisi.

“Great opportunity for young individuals of mixed ages to combine their efforts and create such wonderful work.” – Audience member, Eggbuckland

“A good idea, it sounds like an interesting project bringing in young people from a wide area and the subject matter was relevant.” – Audience member, Mortenhampstead